About Us

About Us

The Trusted Wash for Your Family Vehicle

At Dr. Gleem, we are not just another car wash chain; we are a company built on strong values and a commitment to excellence. With our FM 1960 location in Houston, we bring you the finest car cleaning services that combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer care. Our dedicated team of professionals takes immense pride in their hard work, ensuring that your vehicle receives the utmost attention and care it deserves.

Our Products

Our Signature Products

Discover the Dr. Gleem difference with our cutting-edge car cleaning products. We use advanced graphene ceramic coating and our exclusive banana wax to deliver unmatched results. Our graphene-infused solutions create a protective shield, enhancing your vehicle’s shine and durability. With our signature banana wax, your car will look stunning while staying safe from the elements. Trust Dr. Gleem for ultimate protection and a brilliant finish.